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How to Enhance Skills of Employees in the Organisation

In modern conditions, the professional skills of any employee may not be sufficient to fulfil the current tasks of the company. The competitive market environment constantly dictates new requirements, therefore success of business in many respects depends on opportunities of training and development of the personnel. However, staff training is aimed at expanding its professional competencies. Ideally, it is part of the company's strategy and is planned: for example, when developing new markets for the sale of goods and services, for technical re-equipment and modernisation of production, and for expanding the spheres of activity. There are also possible unexpected reasons for the beginning of staff training is a decrease in the production and financial indicators of the whole company or its subdivisions, changes in the legislation.

Training and Development of Personnel in the Organization

One of the multifunctional tools in the training and development of personnel are corporate social networks, which allow to solve a whole range of tasks:

  • adaptation of beginners
  • motivation to train employees
  • stimulating the professional growth of the company's staff
  • formation of corporate culture
  • increasing the loyalty of employees
  • To get acquainted with the social network for business
  • training and development of personnel
  • The presence of flexible feedback in the corporate social network allows to increase the level of involvement of employees in the work process
  • To strengthen and develop communication within the company, it is important to give employees the opportunity to express their thoughts, opinions, ideas

Professional development of personnel

Access to up-to-date working information in the corporate social network allows creating a unique knowledge base for employees, contributing to their professional growth.

Staff development

Due to the established feedback and the opportunity to ask for help from colleagues online with the help of the corporate social network, the issue of adaptation and development of new employees is being solved.

Data protection

To ensure the proper level of secure access to data when training employees, you can turn to corporate social networks with integrated protection.

Methods of training staff

Depending on the chosen form of training the external or internal these are two method of trainings are executed:

Inside the firm:

  • Briefing: The new employee receives general information about the work: for example, about the use of certain equipment, safety measures, etc. Instruction, as a rule, take place in one form or another, without exception.
  • Rotation: Temporary transfer of an employee to another unit for obtaining new experience or professional qualifications. Example: working in one of the most successful branches of the company in order to adopt practical experience and subsequently introduce it in its subdivision.
  • Mentoring: Work under the supervision of a more experienced employee. In the UK, this form of mentoring is common, like buddying (from English buddy - buddy). She is distinguished by equal communication between the mentor and his ward. It is assumed that their interaction is equally beneficial to both. Mentors are selected from among ambitious employees who are interested in sharing their experiences and at the same time moving along the career ladder.
  • Shadowing: This method is used in companies that interact with universities and colleges, selecting graduates to their own staff. Students of senior courses are invited to spend one or several working days next to a working specialist in the mode of his "shadow". This is a simple, inexpensive and effective method that allows you to acquaint the student with a profession in real conditions and to weed out those to whom this reality may not like.

Outside the firm:

  • Refresher courses or trainings: This is passive training, which includes lectures, seminars, case studies, business games. Can be remote or modular. The disadvantage is high costs with low motivation of trainees, who often perceive learning as a formality.
  • Self-study: Ideally, every specialist is engaged in self-training constantly: reads specialized literature, participates in webinars, communicates in professional forums. However, in practice, this is not all involved.
  • Conference: These are activities to exchange experience and establish business ties. Positively affect the image of the company as a whole, reinforce the business reputation of participating employees.



Even a one-time training of a particular employee involves a number of contacts within the company, and the construction of a personnel development system requires ideally well-established communications between the HR department or the training department, managers and employees. A healthy confidential environment in the company motivates staff to successfully train and improve their professional level. Moreover, the important role is played by how and by what means training is realized the most effective methods combine the participation of different people and the availability of multi-functional tools.

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